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Roasted Pepper Flakes and Sea Salt


Here at Humboldt Spice Company, flavor is our passion! Since 2014, we've been crafting the ultimate palette quenching blends of delicious culinary herbs, spices, and produce. Ready to marinate your meats and veggies for the smoker or grill, as well as help you step up your stew, soup, and sides game; Humboldt Spice Company has got you covered! We have a longstanding passion for meal preparation and cooking. From classic curries, chili and stews, smoked meats, roasted veggies to small batch mustards. vinegars, sauces and mayonnaises, we love to cook! Our goal is to provide tools to those who also love to cook to simplify their quest for a delicious meal. We believe in heirloom organic varieties as well as the latest in hybridized flavors which, when all combined with natural farming and the elevated flavor profiles it provides, result in the most fragrant, robust, full, and rich meals possible. 

We are excited to bring you some of our most tried and true culinary blends and hope you and your family enjoy the flavors they impart on your home cooking. 

See below for a selection of our available products, with links to order!

Thank you!

Katie Edgmon Hoyt and Anthony Hoyt

Bloody Mary Mix
Chili Flake Pepper
Humboldt Run, traditional beef rub and seasoning marinade
Simple 7 coarse grain meta rub and seasoning
Herbal Rub, low salt content, seasoning marinade
Madras Curry Powder
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