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Growing up in the back of a meat market has its perks, and learning the secret to making a great meat rub is one of them.

Seasoning blending, owner of humboldt spice company

      Throughout my childhood, my parents not only raised beef cattle but owned and operated Ferndale Meat Company. It was behind that counter that I learned old-world culinary craftsmanship and the importance of community-based business. Folks would come from all over the county and the state for that famous “Ferndale Sand,” a savory, mouthwatering, delicious beef rub. At that point, the recipe had already been in the family for generations, gaining legendary status.

      As my family retired from the meat business, I decided to keep the family recipe alive and bring it to a wider audience. Founded in 2014, Humboldt Spice Company has since expanded its repertoire of fine recipes. The search for the freshest organic ingredients has found us cultivating and processing more and more of our own herbs and spices for production. Our continued mission is to increase the amount of ingredients we produce in house, as well as the amount we source from our local farmers. We hope to do our small part to promote longevity and expansion in our local agricultural traditions, in line with our personal focus on community and family.

      Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you enjoy our products! 

~ Katie Edgmon Hoyt

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