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Chili Pepper Flake

Chili Pepper Flake


Our small-farmed chilies are delicious and HOT. We've decided to share a variety of them with you today!

Each Small Pouch is approximately 15 grams. Coming Soon! Small Shaker Jars holding approximately 33 grams!



-Helios Habanero - a traditional orange habanero variety for those who seek a little excitement.

-Yellow Moruga Scorpion - a golden superhot variety that will melt your ear drums!

-Moruga Scorpion x 7 Pot Brown - the spiciest chili variety from our farm this season, a blend of the Scorpion with the old fabled 7 Pot, so-called for a single pepper's ability to heat 7 pots of soup!

- The Haughty Pepper Blend - A blend of all of our hottest peppers! MSx7Pot Brown, Moruga Scorpions, Butlahs, Ghost peppers, BaneStrain Peach, Hot Paper Lanterns, Helios habanero, Harold St habanero, and just a few Aji Lemon Drop and Purple UFOs to add some color contrast! This stuff is dangerous!

-Jimmy Nardello Sweet Italian - a "NO heat" pepper, which we roasted before dehydrating to give it that good bit of toasty flavor. very sweet and floral.

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